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Designed by Athletes for Athletes, Yurbuds, the Patented Sports Earbud That Never Falls Out

Earbuds, heaphones, and now Yurbuds for your Apple devices. These are interesting as they supposedly never fall out no matter what you do. They feature something called a 3-Button Dry Mic that are sweat and water resistant for all of you athletes out there.

Launching in Apple Stores throughout North America, Yurbuds® has released the newest design in the Ironman® Series of earphones, featuring the 3-Button Dry Mic. As part of Yurbuds exclusive Ironman Series, endorsed by World Triathlon Corporation’s Ironman brand, the Yurbuds Ironman 3-Button Dry Mic earphones feature a sweat-and-water resistant microphone and music control. Available in an earbud style or behind-the-ear earloop, the new product continues the innovations which made Forbes Magazine name Yurbuds one of the top ten most promising companies in America in 2009.

"Music is what drives us and inspires us," says designer, president and CEO Seth Burgett, an Ironman triathlete. "With Yurbuds 3-Button Dry Mic, feedback is eliminated and it can withstand getting wet. You will not have to work-out without music again. Plus, the acoustics are exceptional."

Yurbuds 3-Button Dry Mic earphones are designed to work with Apple’s iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The 3-Button Dry Mic earphones were developed with the user in mind, creating a sweat-and-water resistant earphone in which the volume can be changed very easily while moving. A button controls the user’s music tracks and phone. The 3-Button Dry Mic product will be the first Yurbuds product sold in Apple Stores, and includes two sizes of interchangeable ear buds in each box, at $59.99. All Yurbuds earphones are guaranteed to never fall out or hurt even in the most rigorous conditions. All Yurbuds earphones feature:

  • Patented TwistLock™ technology, allowing the earphones to stay put in the ear
  • Sweat-and-water resistance
  • A personalized fit to the user’s ear, available in multiple sizes
  • An ergonomic funnel shape that avoids sensitive nerve-rich areas of the ear and creates superior sound quality
  • Ambient noise protection, allowing sounds outside to be heard, such as a passing car or the ability to have a conversation while listening to music

Burgett designed Yurbuds for those who practice everyday fitness regimens. As an engineer, he designed Yurbuds, along with a team of audiologists, because, "I would finish six hours of training and realize my ears hurt worse than the rest of my body. I decided to produce my own earphones, originally based on a digital scan of the ear."

Find the Yurbuds 3-Button Dry Mic earphones at Apple Stores throughout North America. The Yurbuds Ironman Series and Personalized Series are available at premium electronics and sports retailers including Apple, Best Buy, Sports Authority, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, City Sports, The North Face, and specialty running stores and online. Visit or for more information.