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Siri For Dummies Now Available

So what does it say that people need a Siri for Dummies book?  Seriously though, it’s just voice commands right? I mean I could be wrong as I don’t have anything that uses Siri, for all I know it could be this complicated system right? Nah, it’s just voice commands…  Anyway, if you need help with Siri then go gab Siri for Dummies…

9781118299289 cover.indd

Today, the world’s bestselling reference series, For Dummies, announced their latest portable guide Siri For Dummies, Portable Edition (Wiley, 978-1-1182-9928-9, April 2012). Siri For Dummies gets readers up to speed on everything the intelligent assistant can do just by asking, as well as covering the Voice Dictation feature for iPhone 4S and the new iPad.

"This informative yet easy-to-read book pulls back the curtain on Siri to reveal everything your trusty intelligent assistant is capable of doing," said Marc Saltzman, author of Siri For Dummies . "Whether you’re new to Siri or a seasoned user, you’ll find this book packed with information, along with little-known tips and tricks to mastering this exciting new technology."

Siri For Dummies includes coverage of Siri for iPhone 4S and Voice Dictation for iPhone 4S and the new iPad. Some of the topics covered in this new portable guide include:

  • Showing you how to use Siri to keep your calendar, remind you of appointments, and have your messages read aloud
  • Explaining how to use Siri to pull up facts and figures, get directions, play your favorite music, make phone calls, search the web, jot down notes and provide the weather report
  • Offering helpful tips on how to use your voice to write an e-mail, create a text, add a note, and more with Siri and the Voice Dictation feature
  • Exploring some fun things to ask Siri and revealing some little-known tips and tricks

Siri For Dummies is now available for purchase online and at retailers nationwide in both print and all e-book formats. For a full list of retailers, visit