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A Space Shooter for Free Blasts Onto The Android Market

Ok, I think I’m done posting for today…  someone else can take a turn I think..(hint-hint)  So finally here’s another free game for you Android owners out there that’s aptly named: A Space Shooter for Free.. Enjoy!

Having conquered PSN, iPhone, and iPad, A Space Shooter for Free is now embarking to uncharted territory as an app on the Android Market, Frima Studio announced today. The critically acclaimed game, originally the PSN title A Space Shooter for Two Bucks, will be available to Android users for free. For the first time, Android users can lead salty Commander Jefferson through hordes of enemies to keep the galaxy safe from the alien threat in this fun, fast-paced shoot em’ up. Pilot the USS Eradicator to victory, collect loot, upgrade your ship and blow up even more alien scum!

Combining retro-style, shoot em’ up game play, high-resolution graphics, and intuitive touch screen controls, A Space Shooter for Freeprovides hours of alien-blasting entertainment. For those craving even more intense boss fights and devastating ship upgrades, a 99 cent upgrade to the Big ASS version is available, in-app to unlock more weapons, power-ups, and bosses.

A Space Shooter for Free players can expect:

● Battling hundreds of enemies across two galaxies
● Fast-paced, retro gaming action with incredible detail
● Destroying bosses to collect their sweet secret weapons and upgrades
● Two Ways to Play: A campaign-based Story mode and a skill-testing Survival mode
● More than 40 upgrades and power-ups
● A Big ASS version, unlocking even more weapons and power-ups for 99 cents

Get more information and view screenshots at

Click here to download A Space Shooter for Free for Android now: