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AboutOne Comes to Windows Phones

I’ve never heard of AboutOne, guess I missed it,  but it seems popular as it’s been on NBC, CBS, ABC, USA Today and featured in many more media outlets. From what I’m reading it’s a family organizer to help you get things like medical records, receipts, all sorts of family info and much much more. I don’t know it seems a bit too much to carry on your phone to me.


AboutOne (, the leading online family management system, has launched the AboutOne Family Organizer companion app, an exclusive for Windows Phone that lets users manage family memories and household paperwork at home or on-the-go. AboutOne Founder and CEO Joanne Lang made the announcement today at the Privacy Identity Innovation Conference ( The AboutOne Family Organizer companion mobile app takes full advantage of Windows Phone’s unique design and speed, turning a customer’s phone into a remote control for everyday tasks.

According to Todd Brix, Senior Director, Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft Corp, "AboutOne is a great example of the rich applications that people will find on Windows Phone Marketplace to get the most out of their phone. Windows Phone is backed by a rich developer ecosystem that is creating a variety of quality apps and games, like AboutOne’s Family Organizer, which help users take advantage of the phone’s dynamic design."

Family Organizer helps families save time and eliminate paper clutter. The password-protected application provides exceptional data security and takes advantage of Windows Phone’s Live Tiles feature to deliver organization tips of the day, as well as alerts and countdowns to events.

AboutOne’s companion app makes it easy to manage life’s details within the regular flow of the day – no more accumulating piles of paper to file, no more lost documents, and no more wasted time spent searching for family information and paperwork.

Right at the point of purchase, a customer can snap a scan or photo of a receipt for a new possession and instantly add that item to their home inventory with links to warranty info, user’s guide, and purchase place. These details will then be available for instant retrieval for returns or insurance claims, and in the next release, AboutOne will alert the user about relevant product recalls.

From the baseball game, the recital, or on vacation, parents can snap and add photos to record special memories, along with quick notes about the occasion and links to the people involved. Those memories will then be shareable: privately through email or AboutOne’s automatic family newsletter, or publicly through push to Facebook and other social media platforms.

At the doctor’s office, parents can use Family Organizer to quickly access their children’s health records and answer questions about medications, vaccinations, and conditions. They can snap a scan of the health report and bill they receive and add them to AboutOne, along with links to relevant family members and other contacts, as well as notes and reminders about upcoming appointments. In an emergency, parents will have instant access, even with no cell phone service, to emergency contacts and family member health information.

"We’re excited to bring our online organizer to Windows Phone," says Lang. "AboutOne is committed to helping customers get organized, save time, and be prepared with access to the household information they need, when and how they need it. Windows Phone’s interactive design with Live Tiles offers a brilliant user experience to our customers. With Windows Phone and Family Organizer, a mom really does have family life in the palm of her hand."

More details on the AboutOne Windows Phone application are available at