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Babylonian Twins For WP7 Demoed On Actual Hardware

Babylonian Twins is a wildly popular iPhone game. It’s one of the top 100 games in the iPhone app store in most markets, was #1 in Japan, had over 300k downloads in its first 3 month, etc. And not only is it coming to Windows Phone 7, but it’s being demoed on a developer device and it’s running perfectly.

As some background, it’s a puzzle/arcade game. Here’s how the developer describes it:

The game uses a unique role playing approach to guide the two characters, Nasir and Blasir in their quest. You switch between the twins to overcome game obstacles and solve puzzles. Each character has his unique abilities; Blasir jumps high, uses a sword and has a super sprint jump that allows him to open hidden walls and reach difficult areas. Nasir has lower jumps, punches with his fist, performs magic to reveal secrets from ancient rocks, and has a super spin move that allows him to open hidden floors. Switching from one character to the other will turn the other character into a statue which can be used to reach higher and difficult areas, therefore you have to device a collaborative strategy to finish the game levels.

And video time:

The gameplay is very intriguing. It’ a lot more than you’d expect and I think that’s what makes it so popular.

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