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If you’re like me, you’re not made of money.  But since I’m a chick, I like to window-shop (okay, sometimes). I work with mathematicians (I call them the original geeks).  And since I’m a geek-of-many-trades, I like toys and gadgets and quirky … geek things.  So I love  And oOOoo I found the cell phone gadgets page.
The first one that pricked my interest is the Pogo stylus by Ten One Design (  They are marketed for the iPhones and iTouch, but should work with other devices, I would think.  Now that I’ve actually looked up what a “capacitive screen” means (thank you Wikipedia), I can understand that you can’t use a standard stylus with the iThings.  And living in Florida, I don’t worry about having to take gloves off every time I want to use my touch-screen device, even in winter.  But I can see how this could be beneficial for the capacitive, cold-weather crowd.  Even if you have a resistive screen, this should still leave enough pressure, and the soft tip will clean your screen!   And if you don’t like the size of styluses, there is the Pogo Sketch, which is the same design but pen-sized.
The next item that caught my eye is a music player accessory – the Splitterbot.  He’s a cute little guy that let’s you share your music by allowing 2 headphones to be plugged into his eye sockets.  Have an HTC device? Sorry, you need that 3.5mm jack.  (grrrrrr…)
I’m a touch-typist.  I like full-sized keyboards.  The chicklets on my TouchPro/Fuze are okay, but if I had a spare $150, I’d so have this Bluetooth laser keyboard.  I don’t think I need to say anything; I’ll just let you drool at the coolness that is red laser beams.
Crossing over into science fiction, my last eye-grabber is the Dalek call alarm.  Because it’s a tiny Dalek.  In your pocket.  That spins and lights up to tell you to com-un-i-cate.
Now go, my children and check out the rest of the site.

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