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Acers S3 Ultrabook Available This Week–Specs Like Mac Book Air Less $400

This whole ultrabook thing seemed like vaporware for a while but Acer is set to start sales of its S3 this week. What you get is a form factor that’s nearly identical to a Mac Book Air (it’s actually slightly thinner by .15” and the same weight). You also get the same 1.66ghz chip, 4mb RAM with a 13.3” display. The kicker of course is that this is shipping for just $900 compared to the Mac Book Air at $1300. Now it’s not identical, but what two systems are? For starters, the Acer has a slightly lower screen resolution and it only has a 20gb SSD (with 320gb of HDD) but it stores the operating system on the SSD to maximize performance and price, resumes from sleep mode in 2 seconds and can be set for a deep sleep mode which takes 6 seconds to resume but can provide standby battery life of 50 days. It’s also a 6 hour battery life compared to the MBA’s 7 hour battery life. On the other hand it has HDMI out. Both have some specifications over the other but of course, at $900 compared to $1300 while using the operating system that’s still the number one in the world by a large multiple, for many this is a great PC. And it’s just the beginning as they have more models with different configurations coming out shortly and you can expect other manufacturers to follow shortly.

Wait let’s get a promo video that’s all spacey for fun:

Take this PC, make it a convertible tablet with Windows 8 and BAM: the iPad looks expensive and Microsoft takes back what’s theirs.

You can take a closer look at the Acer S series here. You getting one?