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Advanced Caller ID – Know More About Who Calls You

This neat little application called Advanced Network Caller ID is from Netlon of XDA. After you are done with a call (not during the call) this application jumps online and provides you with more information about the caller (if available) including:

– The full name of caller
– Address of caller with a map link
– The number of FTC and caller complaints (to tell if it’s a spam call)
– Telco name and location (can tell what carrier the call is from)
– Relatives of caller (with age!)
– Criminal History

It autostarts when you restart your phone. The configuration settings are located in program files\netcallerid\ under a configuration application that launches as well so you can set it to work for SMS as well. It also saves a call log that contains the search results in html.

It can be downloaded from here and should work for the Touch Pro/Fuze/Diamond and I presume the Touch HD as well but that’s not tested (nor are other resolution devices but if anyone tries it on other devices please share your results). This is an alpha release and not a final release but if you’re eager go for it and share your findings:) I tested it out and I like it. It crashed on the initial installation but worked fine after the initial installation (I have had crash dialogues but the app still ran fine). Thanks again to Netlon.