ZDNet has provided leaked screenshots of Microsoft’s roadmap which are authentic. While the roadmap shows IE10 and Office 15, I bet our readers are most interested in Windows Phones. So here it is:

The square box means ‘general availability’ and it’s pegged towards the start of Q3 of 2012 which lines up with previous rumors. It also states that it’s a yearly release which is what we’ve heard. Now the question remains – what’s in the update? Guess we’ll know within the next 5 months 

If you’re wondering, Office 15 is Q1 2013 which is late but also something that’s been rumored. In other words, Windows 8 will ship without the newest Metro Office prepared.


  1. Damn it! and I just bought my Lumia 900. Oh well, guess I’ll sign up for another line so I can get an Apollo phone.

  2. Looks like the and of Q3 to me (or start of Q4). And what does it really say. Future investments? Leaves a lot to interpretation. Still loving my L900. And of I dropped ot off a skyscraper today, would find a way to buy another one.

  3. So basically what this is saying is “in the future, there will be phones”. Lame. I wonder if people with good photoshop/project/Visio skills sometimes make this stuff up and post it on the interwebs for all the info that’s there. I swear to god I’ve seen the same “clear iphone” leak with every release. Anyway, I get it, it’s exciting, but sometimes I think we all run around going “holy crap a new phone is going to come out at somepoint on a future time table” and it bogs us down. Meh. Just me. sorry.

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