Always good to get a deal. If you head over to Amazon you can get yourself a Windows Phone for AT&T for just 1 penny and they’ll even include free shipping.

Thanks for the tip Eddie!


  1. I bought my HTC Surround for $.01 when they first had the deal on AT&T smartphones. Haven’t regretted it for a single moment as I absolutely love this Surround. Great form factor that feels solid but not heavy, responsive screen and the speakers actually increase the playback volume and give a fuller sound when used. Not surround sound but definitely an improvement over standard speaker playback. Reviewers ragged on it because it wasn’t true surround sound like it was hyped but anybody who has surround sound at home should have known better from the start, its a phone people!

  2. Paid a bit more for my Surround (early, early upgrade) but you couldn’t pay me to part with it.

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