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Amazon Prime Members Get Music Streaming

amazon-musicEven though the app keeps crashing for me right now (insert cursing) I’m sure this is going to be a very cool new perk for Amazon Prime Members. Grumble as you may about the new $20.00 yearly price hike there is still a lot of cool things happening with Amazon that Prime Members can take advantage of besides the free two day delivery and low pricing. We have already been taking advantage of a huge library of videos to watch including TV Series as well as monthly free book content. Add to the growing list of services added by Amazon is music streaming. Over a million tunes to choose from can now be download to Kindle Fire tablets as well as to computers and the Amazon Music app for Apple and Android devices. With music streaming surging and music downloads on the decline, Amazon is positioning themselves nicely for the future. Throw in what should be the new Amazon phone coming June 18th and this could get very interesting indeed!