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Everpurse: “magically” charges her phone in her purse

If you’ve been any where outside a cave these days you know all about kickstarter. Tons of dope projects have found their way to market this way, and now, something for the wife or girlfriend! That’s right, it charges the phone while the phone is inside the purse! And let me tell ya, when you use words like “magically” it is sure to sell!


Boy, these women sure do have battery issues! Check out the details!

Never run out of battery again!
Ever notice that your smartphone dies JUST when you need it most? We set out to build something so powerful and easy to use, it would make charging your phone an afterthought. To charge, all you have to do is slip your phone into the Everpurse pocket! Whether you’re at work or out on the town, your Everpurse will keep your phone charged all day long. You can carry your Everpurse inside a bigger bag, or by itself. When you get home, simply drop your Everpurse on the white charging mat for wireless charging!

Trust us, we know how powerful this product is. We have become addicted to it. We are no longer scared of running out of battery. No longer scared to lose another phone call, another set of directions, another awesome Instagram picture or another Facebook comment.

Charge with style!

You shouldn’t have to decide between fashion and function, so we teamed up with two Chicago designers to help design our bags. You can choose between 3 colors in fabric and leather, or help us pick out additional colors! All purses come with a charging mat.

Six styles to choose from!Six styles to choose from!

A la carte options

Want another Everpurse for yourself, but don’t need another mat? Just add another 99 for fabric or 129 for leather. If you want a second mat but not a second Everpurse, simply add 30 to your pledge. Want to spice up your mat with a personalized love note or your company’s logo? Just add 50 to your pledge.



The Wow effect. Blind, first-time reactions to the Everpurse. from Everpurse on Vimeo.


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