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Amzer Vertical Case for Lumia 900

It has been no easy task finding a belt case for my L900. The day I picked up my phone at the local AT&T Store, I tried five different retailers and two phone stores, settling for a single horizontal belt case. And I really dislike horizontal cases. My Internet search has not been much better, despite the fact the the 4.3” screen on the L900 has almost become the Smartphone de facto standard. Some other devices that share almost the same dimensional specs; Titan, TitanII, Galaxy S II, Droid Razr Max, Rezound, Droid Bionic, and so on. It’s taken several deliveries, and almost as many returns, but I have finally found something comfortable and attractive to clip to my belt.

The Amzur Woodland Vertical Belt Case is what I would call a middle of the road model. Distanced from some of the high end (and high priced) hand stitched leather cases, but definitely not a $5.00 eBay special.  The body of the case has a soft black matte, suede like, leather finish, detailed with brown nylon stitching. The bottom of the case is made from a heavy duty nylon and the side gussets have a bit of elastic tucked between the leather stitching, allowing for some expandability. The case measures 130mm x 64.5mm x 20mm. The width of the case falls short of the L900s 69mm, but the 20mm thickness (L900 is 12mm thick) more than makes up for the width. Basically as you press against the case, it gets wider. The inside of the case is smooth with an attractive tan leather finish. The magnetic closure is not the strongest I have seen, but certainly adequate. The back of the case has a permanently attached swivel belt clip, with a chrome detail at the tip of the clip to prevent wear. The case fit my L900 perfectly, but was a little snug with the AT&T Gel Case installed. Nothing a block of wood (to stretch a bit) couldn’t fix. Been using the case for a few days and have found it comfortable to wear and access. The phone is snug enough to not fall out even if the magnetic flap is pulled back, but easy to slip out with two fingers. Getting the phone back in takes a little aligning between the two gussets, but I can do it easily with one hand. At $19.95 it’s a durable, good looking case that will work with most large profile phone. I found the Amzur Woodland Case at You can find a complete list of compatible devices on their site.

Like the case so much I decided to give the two other L900 Amzur models a try. Both cases have the same fixed swivel belt clip on the back and stretch material covered by leather on the side gussets. Like the Woodland, they are both priced at $19.95. The Winchester has a bit more of that ballistic nylon on the front and back of the case and includes a large opening at the bottom which exposes the speaker on the L900. The front magnetic flap is very long, making the magnetic hold really strong. This case is much looser than the Woodland above, despite having the same dimensional specs as the Woodland (and Washington below), even with the gel case installed. If you are looking for a rugged case with a spacious fit the Amzur Winchester will work for you.


The Amzur Washington (don’t know what’s up with all the Ws) is probably the most attractive of all three cases. The entire case is covered with the same black suede leather finish (no nylon here) with lot’s of stitching detail. Fit is almost exactly the same as the Woodland. The Washington exposes a little more of the phone on the sides (bottom) and along the top edge than the other two cases. But it still does a good job of protecting your phone. My guess is this one will become my favorite. So if an attractive case is what you are looking for, the Amzur Washington should fit the bill.