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Maluuba, The Popular Android Voice Activated Personal Assistant, Come To Windows Phone 8

MaluubaContinuing the recent surge in popular applications making the jump from Android and iOS comes Maluuba. Maluuba is a personal assistant app that helps you do more on your Windows Phone using your voice. You can ask "Where can I find sushi restaurants nearby?" and receive a list of sushi restaurants to explore. Maluuba enables users to speak naturally to their phones and get direct and contextual results, making everyday tasks so much easier and faster.

Features list:
- Restaurants, movies, events and businesses search
- Alarms, reminders and calendar scheduling
- Calling, texting and emailing
- Directions and Weather search
- Online shopping
- Knowledge and Web Search 
- Outlook calendar integration
- Live tiles (pin 'Explore' domains or results from Shopping, Movies and Events)
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It is free so hop on over to the Windows Phone Store and give it a try. You can find the direct link HERE.
[NOTE: The Store team just pushed the publish button, so it might be several hours before the buy link above starts working where you live. It also usually takes several hours for it to appear in search results.]
Source: Windows Phone Blog