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Android on HTC Touch Pro 2 now with SOUND

rob9 If you’ve tried the Android build on the HTC Touch Pro 2 in the past, you would have been very disappointed to find out that there was no sound other than what you could hear in the handset when you made a phone call.  Well all that has been fixed now.  The latest build of Android for the TP2 is available over on XDA and it allows you to play music, get ringtones, etc.  The good news isn’t perfect though, there are reports of static in the sound (though a fix is provided for that), issues being able to play all files, and some issues with streaming music services.  Also, the build lists the following features as not working at all:

  • BT
  • Camera
  • Opengles: using software rendering for the time being.
  • Battery Meter (about 75% fixed now)

So if you’re interested in playing with a new Froyo 2.2 build on your TP2, and actually hear the incoming calls, follow the LINK and have fun.  I’m going to try it out later tonight if I can find my Tilt 2…

Source: XDA Developers