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Android v. iPhone App Showdown

Interesting article at MSNBC where they pit the apps of iPhone against Android in 10 areas. Here’s the outcome as they put it:

  iPhone Android
Games Winner  
Social Networking   Winner
Kid Stuff Winner  
Music, photos and movies Winner  
Streaming Music   Winner
Dining In Winner  
Dining Out Tie Tie
Travel Winner  
Ebooks Tie Tie
Goog v Apple Apps   Winner
Totals 5 wins (2 ties) 3 wins (2 ties)

I think they’re mostly right. On games, Android just lacks the number of high end games that the iPhone has. The iPhone just has a million apps but no centralized social networking integration into the OS. iPhone is an iPod with iTunes while Android is working on their market still. And Goog apps are better than iPhone apps since they’re free and all.Of course, WP7 would run the board but that’s a side note;) Ok really, do you think they got it right? Any Android users going to have the balls to admit that the iPhone apps are better or are you going to blame the test?