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Will Apple Break Under Consumer And Analyst Pressure?

Lord knows I have been trumpeting a larger iPhone since I converted back in 2010. I was a Windows Mobile evangelist since day one with the Pocket PC and just could not take it anymore with Microsoft. My job had changed and I needed what I thought was a ore tested and mature mobile device. I still have an iPhone today but to say I am a fan boy would be far from the truth. One of the complaints I have and things I miss with Windows Phones and Android is SCREEN SIZE! Yes I have screen envy. I admit it. I’m mad as Hell over it. I want a freakin’ bigger screen already! The 3.5 inch screen was just laughable in my opinion. Worthless for any real social media power users and texting was brutal if you have bigger hands and fingers. Yeah yeah I hear ya Apple budged a little from Steve Jobs vision of a perfect device to 4 inches. I found it just as aggravating to use and only marginally better for streaming media. In the absence of widgets or any creative solution to the home screen we just got another freakin’ row of icons. Yes, we could do a little more with the folders. It is still the stale old layout of find the picture of the app and tap it. It’s old, it’s boring and in my opinion you just got schooled by Microsoft on how to create an intuitive user experience. Also adding a theme is like adding lipstick to a pig. It’s fresh, it views better, you made the boring UI a bit more user friendly. I got that. It’s still a 4 inch screen Apple.

So you are sick of my bitching about it, but look at the tidal wave of analyst speculation and rumors that have continued to pour out. Larger screen Apple, larger screen is what everyone is calling for! And what about the whole phablet thing? Super large phone between 5-6 inches? The Samsung Note must have Apple scratching their heads. I will admit, I’m not a phablet fan, but I see tons of them in my travels. So the rumors are heated up again and Apple and the iPhone 6 are on everyone’s radar. The main question is what size!

StreetInsider is reporting today that not only will we see two iPhone’s this year but according to Mizuho Securities analyst Abhey Lamba, the device(s) is coming much sooner than expected. He is suggesting that the normal September time frame might be moved up to July to help ensure “significant availability” for the Holiday Season. He is also stating that he has information that support the two devices to be launched both the larger 4.7 inch flagship iPhone and a phablet 5.5 inch. Please read below my article on of Apple does this they need to figure something out for the home screen below in the links.

The funny thing about this whole situation with Apple being so late with larger screen devices is that just the speculation of them could, and most likely will drive Apple stock prices higher. how’s that for being Apple? Any other manufacturer this late to the party would be booed and ridiculed but Apple will be rewarded and most likely viewed as bringing these new and innovative devices to market “just in time”. 

Well, there you have it. My Apple speculation for the week and complimentary rant. Post some comments peeps, would love to get some feedback from y’all.

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