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Is iOS 5 poised to integrate Twitter Pics?

According to AllThingsDigital, it has been confirmed by sources close to the situation that Apple will unveil the twitter picture integration during the upcoming WWDC.  This aligns with rumors that had Windows Phone Mango Update also having Twitter picture integration but held off announcing anything during their May 24th VIP Preview of Mango.

This certainly makes it easier for the end user but it also raises several questions. Most notably does this put companies like TwitPic on the endagered list?  When does Android join in on the fun?  Can the Twitter servers handle what is sure to be an onslaught of both welcomed and unwelcomed pictures flooding our streams?  Will Facebook and Flickr photos also get the 1st class treatment and be fully baked in throughout iOS5.  It seems integration has become a priority.

Stay tuned as the WWDC is just around the corner and I’m sure good ‘ole Steve Jobs has another “Wait..there’s one more thing” moment that is sure to incite applause throughout the Apple faithful.

Source: AllThingsDigital