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Angry Birds For Android Is Here–You Into It?

So if you were waiting for Angry Birds to come to Android, your wait is over. Wait, you don’t care that it’s here? Really? Maybe you don’t know that everyone with an iAnything has at least two copies of this game and is mesmerized by it and that even Cut The Rope (which is now a faster selling game) has to be compared to it in terms of addictiveness. It’s taken over Tetris as an addictive puzzler that all must be compared to. Doug Simmons is of the mindset that this game could have been played on a Game Boy. Taking it further, to quote the master “I’m perplexed on this one, why this game is generating so much buzz. Yeah, it’s got physics in it, kind of fun but not too much more fun than Paper Toss.” And he’s right – the graphics are cartoony (it isn’t Halo) and it’s relatively simple physics. But I’ll throw my two cents into it and say that if I was on Android I’d be playing it right now instead of talking about it cause it’s addictive as anything.

If you’re into it, you can download it for Android from GetJar now (it’s 12mb) [not Marketplace] for free. Of course, it’s not on its way to Windows Phone yet, but what do you think? Is this game overhyped or is it really so addictive that anyone who talks about graphics is missing the game itself?