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WP7 Learning Game Keyzard – Learn or Get Shot

This is great on a Friday. It’s a game for Windows Phone 7 that’s geared towards kids. So you have to match the letter the game presents against one of three letters, or tell them which equation has a sum of 10 for example. The time restraint to answer the question is the amount of time it takes for one guy to shoot the other though. When a new problem is presented a bullet is fired and you have to answer it before the other guy is shot. It’s an interesting twist on a kids learning game. Most people opt for solving a problem before your ice cream hits the floor, but you have to appreciate a little Oregon Trail feel going on here.   With that background, the game actually looks pretty good and I imagine it works as a learning tool since I can see kids playing this without realizing it’s educational. I can laugh at it, but I have to admit, I think it works. Here it is in action.