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Angry Birds Space For WP–A Near Embarrassment But Ultimately Not a Big Deal

I think if you don’t have Angry Bird’s Space you may as well not have a platform at all. Wait, that’s not right. But that’s what the blogosphere sounded like this morning as there was news that Angry Birds Space wasn’t coming to Windows Phones. It was a slap in the face of the newcomer and there was noise that this would strike fear in upcoming developers that were considering writing for the platform. A ripple effect that would continue to hurt the newcomer. And ultimately Rovio issued a statement that they are releasing a Windows Phone version…and it was all a non-story.

The way the story broke though didn’t feel like a victory for Windows Phones – it felt like a black eye and then a steak to ice it with. That’s how the web rolls though. Making something out of nothing…