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Angry Birds updated for iOS version 1.5.1

I am still trying to get the hang of this WordPress app for the iPhone and creating posts seem to be a little smoother and the handling of pictures seems to be a little better. The one problem I have is that it is pain in the neck to swap screens and revert to another screen to get information for the article you are writing. But all in all, the multitasking seems to be better with the WordPress app opening back up to the exact spot that I left writing it. But the WordPress app is not the point here, there is an Angry Birds update for the iPhone to brighten up your weekend while you are waiting for the Super Bowl on Sunday!
Angry Birds, updated to version 1.5.1 is bringing 15 new levels and a new Golden Egg! So head on over to the app store and get you update. Also look for the Rio Movie Commercial during the forth quarter of the Super Bowl for a special clue that will unlock a new level on Angry Birds.