Really? You want $3 for this? Not sure if I’d download this if it were free…seriously don’t make titles like this prominent when there are titles that actually incredibly innovative that should be front and centered. I’m not showing off my Windows Phone by showing someone a $3 game from 1979 and telling them how cool Xbox Live titles are.


  1. Microsoft should stop considering giving XBL live status for these kind of apps…..

  2. Personally, I’m waiting for XBL Pong – I hear it will be a steal at $9.99. :-P

    Honestly, there are a ton of great arcade games from the earlier days of video games. I don’t know what the obsession is with the old Atari ports, though. I’m not going to pay $3 for 2600 Pitfall on my phone, nor am I going to be buying Centipede, even if it were free. Bring on the new, innovative games and stop with the ports of ancient games that aren’t really exciting now.

    I could understand if they were bringing something new to the game – new graphics, levels, gameplay, challenges, etc. I just don’t get the almost straight ports of old games. I’m sure that Lunar Lander was a hit in 1979, but I can’t picture many people paying for it now.

  3. Although I do like Lunar Lander to play for free…I would never buy it. They need to change how they go about giving titles xbox live status. There are a lot of independent games that match or exceed the best xbox live titles (except The Harvest of course) :)

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