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Anyone Care To Explain Nokia’s “Amazing Everyday” Ad To Me?

Maybe I’m not European enough to get these…that has the be the case. Because otherwise having a phone commercial that’s not about a phone just strikes me as a missed opportunity. Here watch this:

OK so did that make you go out and buy a phone? Nope, they didn’t learn from Apple yet. If you want to sell phones you need to highlight a singular awesome aspect of it and make people crave it. Unless of course, I just don’t get it.

If you really want to be confused try this:

The description:

The Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone –
We found Marciano Darling doing his Gangster Ironing online. We invited him from The Bahamas to LA to be in our film. He agreed, but like all good gangsters only if he could bring his mum.
See more of The Amazing Everyday here: