Bigoven’s Windows Phone app is alive in Marketplace for free. In its simplest, it’s an app version of their website. So you can search and view over 170,000 recipes on the go (even searching by ingredient) and they have a category to help with leftovers. Users rate other recipes and can include photos. And you can save your favorites or share recipes with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter. I loaded it up and tried searching for a few ingredients and they had a bunch of recipes with user reviews and great images. I can see it coming in handy if you want to find some new recipes and then keep your phone handy while you cook it. And the price seals the deal.

This app is also available for iOS and Android where it has over 3m downloads.


  1. Not in the sort filter yet. But you can find it under Lifestyle/Sort by Release Date – Look for 170,000+ Recipes – Bigoven

  2. I just found it by searching “big oven” in the Marketplace so it looks like its in the search/filtering.

    I just started playing around with it and so far I am very impressed. Now only if can help with my actualy cooking skills! =P

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