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Actually, I think that’s a Jackpot in Bingo. I was a little bored tonight playing with my phone and when I tapped the alpha search on my App list I was reminded that I still had 5 letters (well 4 + the World Icon) with no apps. I thought, what the heck. Might as well fill them all in. My missing letters were; J, K, Q & X, despite having 190 apps installed. So it was off to Marketplace and a search of each letter.


“J” brought me Jack of Tools, an interesting FREE app that includes; Compass, Level, Position, Altitude, Velocity, Sound & Base. Not sure if I will use it much but will probably keep it around for now. “K”, well that was easy, Kik Messenger. Don’t know anyone using Kik so this guy probably won’t last the day. But it was free. “Q” had several QR code apps, so I picked one, QR Code Reader. Tried to read the tag for an app in Marketplace and it worked great. But then I remembered I already had Microsoft Tag App installed. Interesting, when I opened that app, all that’s left is a tutorial on how to use Bing search to scan QR codes. I already knew that but didn’t realize that the Microsoft Tap app was officially obsolete. Guess I get a chance to delete two apps now. No worries though. I have 13 other “Ms”.

“X” was a little more complicated. Several games start with X, but they wouldn’t populate my App list. And then there is XE Currency, which I actually already have downloaded. But that app, thankfully, displays as Currency, making it much easier to find. So my only choice was the “non-trial” X-Ray machine for 0.99. Now I know why it has so many 1 star ratings. It sucks! Oh well, I took one for the team. The World icon was easy. Found out a week ago that any app that does not use English characters in the app title will wind up in this category. So I picked one. Don’t want to figure out how to type in Japanese, so I provided a couple screen shots instead.

Letters-Japan2 Letters-Japan1 How close are you to filling up your grid? With the addition (and eventual deletion) of these 5 tonight, I have 195 in my App list and another 37 in my Games hub, for a total of 232. You want a breakdown? Ok. #-1, A-9, B-12, C-15, D-4, E-6, F-9, G-2, H-4, I-8, J-1, K-1, L-6, M-14, N-6, O-4, P-12, Q-1, R-4, S-30, T-16, U-4, V-4, W-15, X-1, Y-4, Z-1, World-1.

Might be time for a little housekeeping. You think.

Oh, and I just checked my People Hub. Only need 5 more; #, I, Q, X, and the World Icon. Guess I need to (selectively) find some new friends.

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