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App Effect: Impossible Shoota & TVShow


The unfortunate part of a growing and maturing app ecosystem is that the awesome apps and games that arrive at launch gets forgotten and overshadowed. This new series, App Effect, is meant to highlight awesome apps that I’ve personally used and recommend on a consistent basis.



I’m not a fan of spending hours every day plopped down in front of a TV. In truth it is rather difficult to do so even if I was a fan. I spend most of my day on the computer editing or designing print and video projects. Equipped with my secondary monitor and my HTC Titan any media I view tends to happen on one of these two devices. TVShow is an app from developer Rudy Huyn.

I’ve been using TVShow since May of 2011. Over time the app has been updated promptly and Rudy Huyn has made sure to take advantage of each upgrade to implement all platform features available to him. The mark of a star app developer! He’s even updated the app for 7.8 to enable different sizes for Live Tiles. If you’re have a Windows Phone 8 device you’ll be glad to know he has already updated the app for Windows Phone 8 too.

TVShow is the most complete application to track all your favorite TV Shows with live tile, toast,reminder, background agent, facebook and twitter. TVShow updates every day (without relaunching the application) the live tile with the number of unseen episodes and the list of tv shows of the day.

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- Get a quick overview of the all the upcoming episodes for all of your favorite shows
- Get synopsis, screen captures, rates, subtitles and recaps for each episodes
- in app youtube player
- Mark seen and unseen episodes
- be notified right before a new episode of your favorite TV Shows aired even if the app is not launched.
- Share comments with friends on facebook/twitter and with other users
- offline mode
- rate episodes
- Use your phone as a remote screen for subtitles
- read news from allociné, maxiseries,, tvguide, tvspoiler et buddy tv
- translation feature for recaps and summaries
- for U.S. residents only: adjust air date/times of U.S. tv shows to your local time zone
- 3 choices of live tiles
- support for comments and episode rates

The absolutely best feature is that you can set reminders (they come up exactly like a regular alarm does) complete with what show is airing in the next 5 minutes. If it is multiple shows occupying the same time slot it will present each show one at a time. Again, just like how a regular Alarm is displayed. I highly recommend this app to anybody who tends to get too busy to catch their shows all the time.

Impossible Shoota

Impossible Shoota

Developer Elbert Perez regularly updates this. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say he might have the record for most app updates on the Windows Phone platform. I love that it is an infinity shooter that keeps up getting tenser and more explosive as you go along. No matter how much you play you always feel like you can do better and most importantly want to do better right away. One of the very first games I installed back when I bought my HTC Surround and one of the first I installed when I purchased my TITAN too.

You are the last survivor of your race, the elite pilot known as Starboxer. Your last and only mission is to take out as many Sho-dan ships as possible before crumbling to their relentless march. Level up your ship by destryoing Sho-dan ships and teleport around the battlefield to gain tactical advantage to avoid an early demise. It requires skill to live up to your reputation and you will remind the Sho-dan armada why you have that name.

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- Intense shooter action again an endless swarm of enemies
- Fight 25 different enemies as you rampage through the Sho-dan armada
- Post your scores online against other Starboxers

Sixty seconds playing this game feels like six minutes. It’s the type of fast paced game you can whip out when you have a few minutes to burn and get deep into it getting a rush for the day.


Video Credit: (TVShow) WPCentral