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App Folder for Windows Phone 8

After upgrading from my WP7 (Nokia 900) to WP8 (Nokia 1020) I basically said goodbye to the side loaded apps I had been using. Sure, I still have a Developer account, but I no longer had a need.

– Built-in screen shot replaced my side load Screen Capturer app

– New APIs in WP8 replaced my side load  Batter Status app

– Built in Voice to Text replaced my pirated LG Voice to Text app

– Network Speed Test (and others) replaced my side loaded Bandwidth app

The only app I couldn’t replace and really missed, until today, was Folders, an app from Windows Phone Hacker, which did not get updated to work on Windows Phone 8.


Our own DavidK did some hunting and pecking today and found App Folder in the Windows Phone Store. Provided by Nokia and (I believe) only available to devices running the Nokia Black update Amber or Black updates (CONFIRMED-Thanks Marti). Sorry everyone else. Just gave the app a quick whirl and it works nicely. You can create as many Folders as you choose, and go back and edit (add/remove apps) anytime. Looks like you can also add Settings to any folder, or create a folder just for favorites. UPDATE: Looks like you can also reorganize your lists by dragging app names up and down. Oh, and you can resize the Tiles to show; 4 icons w/quarter size), 6 icons and folder name w/standard tile, or 12 icons and folder name w/double wide tile.

With the new quarter size tiles, a Folder app is not as important as it used to be for me. But with well over 200 apps for me to search through, it’s still easier to find a Favorite (but not favorite enough to have a space on my Start screen) on a short list with two taps and virtually no scrolling. Also easier to find some lesser used apps by full name rather than small icon. But that may just be an Old Jim problem.  Go fetch it if you can. You won’t regret it.

Thank you Nokia and Microsoft, and MicroNokia.