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Project Sunburst and Puzzle Quest 2 Hit Marketplace (Xbox Live/WP7)

This is big. Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst is now in the Windows Phone Marketplace. This is the game that has you fighting on your home turf. It ties into Bing maps and you can literally play it in your backyard. So fortify your house or you lose it! It’s just $3 with a free trial.

Puzzle Quest is a role playing puzzle game. This is an award winning game that’s likely to be popular. It does come with a real price tag of $7 but it does have a free trial. Also, remember that this game is on other platforms and it’s relatively cheap in comparison. The Xbox version has a solid 4 star rating and you can expect this to be exactly inline since it should use the same XNA code.

These are both Xbox Live titles. If you get your game on, tell us your thoughts.