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APP REVIEW: Fusion Free

I just got finished reviewing a great Reader Style App Called Fusion Free. If you are like me you read a lot of websites to keep up to date on what is going on. Also if you are like me, I hate having to type in the mobile IE10 each time I want to look at what is going on. It is just easier if one app can plug in the site and get all the news you want. Well with this app you can do just that. It covers from every points in life from home, car, technology, and etc.

Fusion Free Download:

Fusion (Paid) Download:


Quoting the Developers:

“Fusion provides a native, smooth, and very fast feed reader interface. This application is actively being developed and updated. Over 400 Feeds are categorized by default, but you can add your own RSS Feeds. Live tiles and all those shenanigans are supported.

• Choose between 40 default Topics which indexes 400 feeds and filter them by News Source

• Categorize your custom feeds and combine them with default categories

• Personalized Feeds – add your own feeds

• Favorite Articles – Stored Offline

• YouTube feeds and videos

• Sharing Articles via Social Media, Email and SMS

• Swipe between articles with preview animation

• Swiping between feeds or topics

• Customization of topics

• FULLY customizable theme

• Live Tiles and Wide Tile support displaying the latest article and image

• Pin secondary tiles of a specific topic/news feed/custom feed

• Very fast performance

• Native viewing of articles, you can open them in a browser if you wish

• Configure a custom feed to be viewed in Browser or in native mode”


This program does just that. I am able to link all of my favorite RSS Sites and can catch up on any news I may have missed by showing how many new posts since the last time I logged in.



I am able to modify the app to meet my style in the settings. I can change the color, the font, font size, and add/remove favorite feeds as needed.



Once all my settings and feeds are setup, it is time to catch up on what I have missed while I was at work. The navigation is very simple and easy to follow. Everything I placed in settings now shows up o0n the screen. All I have to do is click on the post and off I go to the RSS of the site. I can also, when on the post I am reading, can choose to go to Internet Explorer 10 to view the whole article as it is posted on the site.



Overall this app is simple and easy to use by any Windows Phone Fan. From the beginner to advanced user it is simple to navigate, easy settings to modify it to your own style. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who likes to catch up on anything they have missed to stay in formed. To me this is a “keeper reader”.

I give this app a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars. It cannot get any easier than this for a RSS Reader App.

If you download this app, don’t forget to rate the app. If you really enjoy the app, then buy the paid version to help support the developers.


One last thing……..

The developers has done a great job on Fusion, they are also in the works of another app called “READIT”. Now before you go looking in the app store for READIT, please be aware the app is in a pre-beta stage and by the kindness of the creators has granted myself to be a beta tester. I don’t want to get into all the details because the app still is being worked out on functions, but as the READIT APP comes out of beta I will be posting a review on it. As a teaser of READIT, enjoy the login screen.

To the developers great job on Fusion and cannot wait till READIT is ready for the big leagues.


If you would like your app reviewed and willing to grant permission to the full version of your app for testing, then please email me (herg62123) at herg62 (at) hotmail .com

Please make sure you put in the title “Please Review My App”.

If you do not put the title above your app will not get the attention needed for review.