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Balloon Gunner Goes Free For Windows Phones!

imageBalloon Gunner is an awesome game for Windows Phones. Almost a year ago I bought it after trying the trial and needing more. Let me just be lazy and quote myself:

The game itself is a 3D plane (ok fine balloon) shooter where you tilt the phone to control your balloon and have to complete your mission. The controls take about two seconds to figure out and the gameplay is great. Of course, you get cannons, missiles and bombs to help you complete you mission. It’s well put together, a lot of fun, looks great and it’s at a great price. It consists of 40 levels and different missions as well.

And let’s hit the video to show you why I’m so into it:


Of course, the news is that it’s now available in a free flavor (with the paid version now $.99). The developer notes “Free version is now Mango compatible which allows increased FPS and also other new improvements, better explosions plus more.”

Just give it a go – you won’t regret it. You can find it here.

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