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Apple Files Patent For Wrap-Around Display

At this point can we all just agree that major reform needs to happen with the U.S. patent system. Apple has filed for a patent for a wrap-around display. The idea of having a wrap-around display isn’t inherently bad but it wreaks of futuristic, and very much unlikely, implementation that will wind up being used to pressure and sue others.

iphone-wraparound-patent Apple patent bendable iPhone (image 001)

In the patent what is notable is that the same stale and static grid of icons seem to represent their plans for an UI. Can anybody please tell me with a serious face how such a display can be implemented without severely limiting the functionality of the device.

“This is one of the more exciting Apple patents that has surfaced lately, as it demonstrates essentially a completely re-imagined next-generation iOS smartphone,” writes Darrell Etherington of TechCrunch.

The argument can be made for gestures to provide the main way to interact and control the device. Apple isn’t exactly known for pioneering gesture based input and would potentially open themselves up to stepping on competitor patent toes.

Apple is a company rooted in practicality. Even their leaps ahead have delivered features that everyone could use and notice on a daily basis. This does not mesh with that history. Again, I firmly believe we’ll be talking about some miniscule part of the patent Apple introduces and they will claim patent infringement on everything else.

Source: idownload blog