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Apple iOS 7 Rumors For Late 2013 But I Doubt It

Looks like the iOS 7 rumors are in full swing and today we have some tasty tidbits suggesting that iOS 7 is being delayed and that Apple is pulling OS X 10.9 engineers to help sort it out and get it back on track. iOS 7 which is supposed to be a complete overhaul from basically the same UI introduced in 2007 with the first iPhone. These engineers are also said to have “some sort of polarizing filter” to hide their phones from spying eyes.

All around the internet, rumors are suggesting end of 2013 for the roll out. So does that mean Apple rolls out a new OS on an iPad? The iPhone 5S, the ho hum upgrade from the iPhone 5 is said to be in production in the second quarter and release in June or July. Obviously we will not see iOS 7 on that device. So does Apple then roll out iOS 7 on an iPad? Then update the iPhone 5S and previous models? That doesn’t make sense either. It would seem more logical to roll out iOS 7 on the iPhone 6 which would not be expected until 2014 with a mid year iPhone 5S. So is Apple letting info out that they are putting more engineers on it to break the ice that it will not be out until 2014?

I have been using the iPhone for several years not since the end of Windows Mobile and my patience for lack of innovation is dwindling. I have been satisfied temporarily because of the Evasi0n Jailbreak released for the iPhone 5 up to iOS 6.1.2. Getting my Cydia on and diverting UI frustration with hacking has been fun up until Apple plugged the hole in iOS 6 with their latest release of iOS 6.1.3 which renders the current Jailbreak useless. However, since this OS update from Apple really was more for maps in Asia and plugging the security hole for jailbreakers, there is no reason to update. There is said to be several exploits being held back for future iOS updates that have some substance instead of burning them up on weak updates like iOS 6.1.3.

Digressing a little further from iOS 7 rumors and my thoughts with hardware, I am still underwhelmed. I am hoping that iPhone 5S fixes the camera issues and perhaps makes good on a larger iPhone 5S and brings a new lower cost iPhone version with more colors and less expensive build quality. I think the build quality on the iPhone 5 suffered when they lightened up and it does not have that same feel as the 4S did. Further, the larger length screen did not make that big of difference for that I thought it would. I use voice to text more often now because the width of the screen is really restrictive for larger people’s hands. I understand Apples theory of one handed operation but I just don’t think it is as big a factor as perhaps it once was. I don’t look for anything but a slight upgrade on the iPhone 5S but perhaps another hardware and form factor update on the iPhone 6 will usher in iOS 7 as well in 2014.