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New Facebook News Reader App Called Paper

I am not a huge fan of multiple apps to handle things that should be bundled up within a company’s primary app like Facebook did with Messenger.  I guess a lot of that has to do with the fact that I am not a huge “Messenger” type person but I prefer to keep all me Facebook contact messages contained within the App. So as Facebook continues to release stand alone apps, there is one coming February 3rd that looks particularly interesting.

It’s called Paper and the App will feature content from 19 different “sections” like sports, tech, pop culture, and "LOL." The “LOL” section might be the cure for what MSN did to us when they discontinued their MSN Now website and postings which dealt with a lot of off topic news and humor. I loved it and visited it multiple times a day and have not found a replacement for it yet. The second thing Paper might replace for me is Google Reader. I still weep at the loss of my Favorite reader and miss it. I have tried others but they are not the same. Similar to Flipboard, perhaps Paper by Facebook can be the replacement to Google Reader I have been looking for.

Paper will have rotating carousel of of images across the top and which will display individual cards and stories under each image. Sounds pretty cool. The app will also let users personalize it so that they can pick content in their home area like sports teams etc. One more huge aspect of the Paper App by Facebook is the fact that it will not have ads! Wait, wut? Seems strange to me when Facebook generates 53% of their revenue through Mobile ads. But they have announced that this handy, or so it would seem app will not have ads.

So here is the bad news. Paper is set to be released for iPhone only on February 3rd and there is no immediate date for when it will be released for Android or for the iPad. We will keep you posted but this looks pretty cool indeed.