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Apple iOS 8 Not Feeling The Love iOS 7 Did

ios-8-tim-cook Apple just announced that iOS 8 was only being used by 56% of the people who visited the App store on November 10th. This is just a 9% increase from the previous month. Apple’s iOS 8 was released on September 17th and things were looking pretty good until device owners found out that they did not have enough storage available for update and that it would require more than 5GB of storage available. I am used to having to delete apps like Infinity Blade that take up a lot of room, but the storage needed for iOS 8 had to dig into a lot more than just apps and required that you deleted pictures and videos as well unless you wanted to plug into iTunes and who wanted to do that?

The other problem came with bug issues relating to iOS 8. The health app was scrapped and then the update to fix it was very large as well. The biggest problem I have had is that iOS 8 has rendered my uConnect in my Chrysler 300 useless and now no Bluetooth device will connect as the radio is locked up. The folks at uConnect of course have no idea. The dealer is wanting to pull the radio out and replace it! Trying to pull the batter cable and wait didn’t work. The soft rest didn’t work. Nothing is being written on the internet except to put it into diagnostic mode which I have yet to be able to master the skill to do.

Apple’s iOS 7, which at the same time as this years iOS 8 release was already feeling the love of 75% device updates. It does seem that Apple has gotten most of the big headaches worked out and has turned their attention back to fighting the jailbreak community by releasing iOS 8.1.1. If you have a Pangu Jailbroken iPhone I would not recommend you update to 8.1.1.

iPhone haters don’t get too excited, iPhone 6 sales are through the roof.