Even though Apple is still the single largest seller of tablets and the usage of the iPad on the internet has substantially increased there is no denying the shear volumes of Android tablets being sold. Unlike Apple that has early versions of the iPad 2 for sale at a lower cost, it still pales to compare to the amount of low end Android tablets flooding the market at the $100 dollar mark. It is also not stated if these numbers include the Amazon Kindle which is my Android powered tablet of choice because of cost to value and the whole Amazon experience. I highly doubt Apple is too concerned about this because most Android tablet sales are undoubtedly very low in margin while Apple is raking in profits on their products. Check out the graph below for the tale of the tape.



  1. It’s always made me wonder. If an Android tablet can sell for $100, and a Windows license is somewhere between $30-$60, why is the cheapest Windows tablet going for $269. Could it be that Android tablets aren’t made as well? Or have Windows OEMs learned something from Apple’s pricing strategy.

  2. I think the $100 android tablets are complete and udder crap. I think the comparable $250 windows tablets are on the same quality level as the $200 android (like the Nexus line).

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