ios7-appsAs almost everyone knows by now tomorrow will be the launch of Apple’s 7th mobile operating system called iOS 7. Apple is calling it a total overhaul and while some are not so convinced about the overhaul suggestion to their dated OS, App Developers are forming up ranks to reintroduce new versions of their software to charge you a second time!

According to Gedeon Maheux, co-founder of The Iconfactory and Twitterrific:

“There’s little doubt that the majority of iOS 7 updates to existing apps will be free (which will please Apple), but I suspect there will be a surprising number of developers who will use the launch of the new operating system to completely re-boot their app, and why not? The visual and interactive paradigms iOS 7 mark a natural breaking off point and a perfect opportunity to re-coup costs. Some existing paid apps might even adopt an iOS 7 only strategy which means they’ll have no choice but to charge again.”

I am all for App Developers making money and think largely that apps and mobile software are a real bargain. But I am not in favor of shelling out more money for something that has only had a visual makeover. Even a complete overhaul of an app should be included in the price and only if there is added functionality or additional licensing costs should the app be remade into a new version leaving behind the old one.

It’s pretty safe to say that the vast majority of the apps I use will not be charging me again for something I already purchased but I would be shopping by business elsewhere should an app developer try to double dip on me. That’s your thoughts? Should Apple step in our allow free enterprise to continue?


Thanks Chris L!


  1. Great. So now the App Store will go from 1M to 1.5M apps in no time. That should make it easier to sort through.

    Btw, assuming a 6 second view of each app, it would take an iPhone user 208 days (assuming 8 hours a day without bathroom breaks), to view the current catalog. Tack on another 100 days for the projected iOS7 apps. Better start exercising that thumb It’s going to be busy.

  2. I hate to “say” it out loud…
    Honestly, I almost feel guilty about long term ownership of apps.
    If the developer continues to support the app, what is the benefit to the developer if I already paid for it, once, years ago.
    It seems more worthwhile to just move on to a new product. And charge again.
    I would almost be willing to pay a SMALL annual fee for the apps I continue to use over the years, assuming proper support, continuous improvements, and new features.
    Really though, in 3+ years with Android, I have probably spent less than $20 on apps. How can these guys be making any money?

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