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Apple is doing it again, leaving the door wide open: Mountain Lion

As cute as Apple’s Latest Mac OS Mountain Lion OS may seem, there is still a hidden underwhelming feeling about the whole ordeal. It seems as if Apple has lost the “OMG THIS IS CRAZY!” factor and now made a home with the “aaah, yes….I see… that’s nice” crowd. Not that anything is wrong with that, as Mac OS is by all means a fully matured product. We all know mature products see very little innovation in their climax.

The problem is a trend we have seen before. A while back I wrote a piece on how Apple left the door wide open for windows phone. The basis of the article revolved around the lack of innovation seen in the iPhone 4S, while everyone else (mainly Microsoft) was innovating at a monstrous pace. It wasn’t so much that Apple couldn’t afford to slow down, or even that they had completely stop dead in their tracks, it was all about them slowing down at all. For years on end Apple had applied the pressure relentlessly. Now that the industry had some time to adjust and play catch up, they’re doing just that, catching up!

Mac OS Mountain Lion feeds into this trend in the very same way. The only difference is, unlike the mobile market, Apple does not command the lead and cannot afford to lollygag. Given the origins of Mountain Lion’s primetime features, there isn’t too much cause for alarm. In fact, even though they’re all iOS ports, they are all very much welcome and make plenty of sense. However, given the monster that is Windows 8 and the huge amounts of innovation and risk that comes along with it, Apple’s Mountain Lion seems like yester-years news.

If you’re not familiar with what is going on in the Windows 8 camp, I suggest you take some time out and take a peek. A bold new user interface, enhanced user experience and some all new development ethics all return a large bit of excitement around the Windows 8 topic. As far as Mountain Lion goes, iOS inspired tweaks are all you get.

Granted, this is a bit different to the mobile game. I suspect Apple really doesn’t care too much about Mac OS as a stock driver. They never did or could, not since the emergence of iOS at least. I can support these claims by a quick glance at their desktop strategy which includes dumping features from their mobile platform. I say this to pose a very interesting question. Weather or not this matters to Apple is one thing, Windows 8 doing damage is a sure thing; but this brief lack in innovation and “not pushing the envelope” attitude around Mac OS is surely dangerous. Will this be the death blow for Mac OS? Will this be the killer blow that will toss Apple out of the Desktop game for good? Even better, with iOS being the power house it is, will apple even care?



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