I want an HTC Titan but my AT&T contract isn’t up until February and I’m not one to pay full price for my phones, I haven’t yet and I don’t plan to start now. I know a couple of the guys on the mDigest team have one already though, but I haven’t heard anything about their battery life yet. Anyway Mugen has just announced their new battery for the HTC Titan that will give you 22% more power or usage time or capacity, however you want to look it. Price is $44.95 and I’m not sure how that price compares as it’s been years since I’ve bought a battery for one of my phones.


Mugen Power, leading brand of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices, today announces a new extended battery for HTC Titan (HLI-X310ESL). It’s a powerful battery with high performance and durability. HLI-X310ESL has 1950mAh capacity, a 22% increase over standard capacity. This enhancement is capable of providing longer battery life for customers to have better user experience. HLI-X310ESL is specially designed for HTC Titan.

HLI-X310ESL is a Lithium-ion based battery. Lithium-ion based batteries have found widespread popularity in all kinds of consumer electronics because of their high energy to weight ratios, lack of memory effect , and low discharge when not in use. HLI-X310ESL has 20% more capacity than the standard battery. It provides longer battery life with higher quality for power-hungry consumers. Besides extended battery life, HLI-X310ESL is also very reliable. It has undergone vigorous QA procedures and has CE and RoHS approval, just like any other Mugen Power product. Mugen Power Batteries is a well-known leader and innovator in the battery industry.

Pricing and Availability
HTC TITAN extended battery HLI-X310ESL is now available for a special price of $44.95 from Mugen Power Batteries with Free Shipping worldwide at http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/htc/htc-titan/mugen-power-1950mah-extended-battery-for-htc-titan.html


  1. Hate to prejudge, but if it’s anything like the “alleged” Mugen extended battery I purchased for my Surround then I would suggest you pass. That 1500mAh battery to replace my OEM 1230mAH, actuually provided less juice than my aging OEM. And twice in two weeks it froze up my phone after an overnight charge, requiring a battery pull. Once I told the eBay seller what I did in my spare time, I got a prompt refund, including shipping both ways. One of the perks you get writing for Mobility Digest.

    Seriously, let’s use some logic here. If HTC could squeeze 1950mAh into the same space as their 1600mAh, don’t you think they would, putting big smiles on all their customers faces. And honestly, it’s got nothing to do with price. Probably pennies for HTC, if it were possible, which it isn’t with the current technology available.

    Now if the battery was actually larger, it probably still wouldn’t provide the incredible power they claim, but might be more than the OEM battery. Honestly though, after the freezes, I am done with anything but an OEM battery for my phones. Btw, also tried a slightly extended (1300mAh) battery from another popular battery supplier and had a freezeup in the first week. Had my phone for nearly 13 months, with hundreds of charge cycles and not one issue with my OEM batteries.

  2. That’s not the same experience that I had with their HTC Mozart battery. I stopped using the stock battery because no matter what it would be flat before dinner. The mugen battery though, went to critically low at about bed time.

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