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Apple Plans iPhone 5S for Summer Boredom

Looks as if our big hopes for summer fun will be dashed by Apple as rumors are leaking out that Cupertino is preparing the way for another ho-hum release of the iPhone with the 5S. Not the completely redesigned iPhone 6 with iOS 7. It will be an incremental upgrade with a  faster processor and some more tweaks to the OS to tide us over according to analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies. This new iPhone looks to be heading into production in March to be released in June or July. This would put them back on their Summer release schedule.

What Apple is keen on is dropping a lower end device possibly made of a plastic outer that would not have LTE or a retina screen. This would increase market share  but as Apple Insider has suggested, reduce their profit as well. So what is the good news for the hard core Apple fan? Try a 4.8 inch screen version of the iPhone. Looks like Apple can no longer stay with their original model and only by adding value devices will they open doors to new markets and wallpaper the world with fruit phones.

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