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Apple Reacting Badly to #BENDGATE

I am waiting on my contract to allow me to upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus but in all honesty, I am concerned over #BENDGATE. What’s #BENDGATE? Assuming you are aware that Apple released two new iPhone 6 versions, it has to do with the iPhone 6 Plus, the large 5.5 inch screen “phablet” bending when some folks put into their pocket. It’s definitely gone viral now as anything negative about Apple does. So check out the picture below:

You can bend the iPhone 6 Plus with a medium amount of pressure with your two thumbs. Clearly Apple didn’t thin of this or they would have reinforced the inner framework a little better.  So this has been going around for a while now but it is starting to become apparent that Apple is not taking this well. In fact, the Apple German PR Department has withdrawn a very popular magazine’s accreditation after they posted the following video:

You can clearly see the bald dude is using a medium amount of force to bend the iPhone and more disturbing he is able to lay it flat on a table and bend it back! I am not up top speed on my German language skills so it is unclear what they are talking about but it appears that the volume buttons are jammed up after bending it back.

It looks like the Computer Bild’s Editor in Chief Axel Telzerow posted an open letter addressed to Tim Cook objecting to the Smack Down they got from the German PR department for Apple. You can check out his full letter here.

C’mon Apple, pony up and take credit for not thinking of reinforcing the frame and lets move on.

[Computer Bild  via: 9to5mac]