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Netflix 2.0 update for iPad has new look

Netflix has certainly gotten a lot of bad press with some of their decision making with pricing. Then even more bad decision making when they tried to fix their initial mistake, hello Qwikster.  They have also had their share of problems they couldn’t control like Starz pulling out to start next year leaving them a hole in their movie content. But the one thing Netflix has done that is a home run is redesign the iPad App and give a whole new look! Also in version 2.0 that was released yesterday is:

  1. Netflix now available in Latin America for iPhone and iPad
  2. New iPad UI for all regions – US, Canada, Latin America – requires upgrade to iOS 5
  3. Addressed stability issues
  4. For support questions please contact us at


Now you can swipe left and right in each category and scroll through larger artwork to easily find content you want to watch. This is much better of the smaller icons and vertical scrolling the old version had. So head on over to the Apple App Store and get your update and enjoy a much nice user interface with the Netflix version 2.0 iPad App.