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Apple to release wireless solution to lightning port?

Apple to release wireless solution to lightning port

Early iPhone 5 adopters have come to develop a love hate relationship with the new Lightning port. One one hand, the phone charges exceptionally quick, on the other, none of the prior accessories are combatable do to physical size differences. Appleinsider got ahold of some patent information, hinting that a wireless solution might be on the way.

“a patent covering a universal adapter for portable media players that affords, in one embodiment, the transmission of wireless data to any accessory.” Interesting, it is not sure which direction the data will flow. Will the new wireless solution be attached to the accessory or the phone? If the accessory, does this mean the phone has some sort of unknown receiver to accompany the technology?

Users may have more than one type of media player. For example, a user may have a high-capacity portable media player for home use and a smaller, low-capacity portable media player for use at the gym.
For various reasons, these media players may have different sized connectors. For example, the media players may be made by different manufacturers. Also, they may be made by one manufacturer, but a newer media player may have a more advanced, smaller sized connector receptacle.


Universal Adapter

Either way, we’ll have to wait for apple to unveil the new tech.


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