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Apple’s iPad Media Event Tomorrow via Live Blogging Only

On the off chance you didn’t know this, Apple, is going to announce the details of their next generation iPad which could be named either the iPad 3 or iPad HD. Either way, we know the screen resolution will be greatly enhanced and there will be a processor and camera upgrade as well. A new OS, most likely iOS 5.1 or even possibly iOS 6 will be introduced with the iPad as well. Of course Siri will be on the iPad with perhaps some new features.

So what time does this shindig take place? Here you go:

  • Redmond WA. = 10:00am (UTC/GMT -8 hours)
  • Denver Co. = 11:00am (UTC/GMT -7 hours)
  • Dallas TX. = 12:00pm (UTC/GMT -6 hours)
  • Detroit MI = 1:00pm (UTC/GMT -5 hours)

Don’t see your city? Then head over to here and see what time you will need to tune in at.

Wait, what are you tuning in to? Well, it won’t be Apple if you want to watch it live. Once again, they will not be doing a live show, but will have the event uploaded a few hours after it concludes. So what are you going to do? Well the folks at Cydia Blog put this together for you:

1. TheVerge
2. MacRumors Live
3. Gizmodo
4. Engadget
5. GDGT Live
6. ArsTechnica Live

  • Those are the links to all the major mobile tech blogs that will be at the event live blogging. BGR will be there too and that is easy enough to find should you want to watch their coverage. The Verge is probably the best and the one I will watch along with Giz on a second monitor.
  • So it’s Apple iPad 3 or HD event tomorrow people! Get ready to put the rumors to bed and upon completion, start the new rumors for the iPad 4!