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Roach Coach App Roaming Hunger Available on Android

roaming-hunger I could not resist posting this app! Normally I try to refrain from posting the millions of emails I get announcing apps because I figure most of you don’t read them anyway, but this one I had to! Apple really wasn’t lying when they said there was an “app for that” and why wouldn’t there be an app for you to locate a Food Truck, or as we more commonly refer to them in Detroit as “Roach Coaches”! Apple has had an app called Roaming Hunger for iOS and now it is available for Android as well. It tracks over 6000 food trucks and even has a browser interface for the PC as well.

Keep in mind, if you never have had any Food Truck food, you might be surprised. The Roach Coach reference was a joke but some of these Food Trucks have some amazing food! They are also small business folks so support them where you can.

The Roaming Hunger app includes a number of key features for consumers including:

  • Real Time Truck Locations: The real time food truck map shows the vendors closest to you at all of the important times of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • “Play” Favorites: Sort through vendors, make a “playlist” of the trucks you like best and highlight your faves list on a map.
  • Mouthwatering Visuals: For the more visual people, the Roaming Hunger app has photos of menus and food from its vendors that will make you hungry and ready to eat.

To download the Roaming Hunger Android app, please visit:

To download the Roaming Hunger iOS app, please visit:

To learn more Roaming Hunger, please visit: