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Are You a Budding Reporter? Makes Some Cash for News with Rawporter

A new app has hit the app store called Rawporter. The idea of the app is so you can make money from reporting the news as you see it happening. Most people have their phones with them and when something happens we pull our phones out and start recording. Now you can get paid for reporting that news you see and doing something you’d be doing anyway!

More people than ever before are capturing newsworthy events on smartphones, but often they are forfeiting their rights to that content by posting it on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Now Rawporter, a free iPhone App currently in Beta, will help everyday people get the cash and the credit they deserve for capturing video and images of newsworthy events. Rawporter also notifies users when they’re near breaking news, increasing the chances they’ll get paid.

Breaking news happens when people least expect it, and most people don’t know how valuable the content they capture can be to the media. Rawporter solves that problem by providing a real-time distribution platform to bridge that gap easily and effectively.

“We’re very excited to fill a void in the market that benefits the average person in the right place at the right time and media outlets alike,” said Kevin Davis, co-founder of Rawporter. “We’re already getting positive feedback and learning a great deal from our Beta release.”

Janis Krums, best known for posting the first image of the “Miracle on the Hudson” on Twitter knows how quickly a simple picture can become a phenomenon. “I never imagined that the picture I took would be used by so many media outlets and seen by so many people,” said Krums. “I’m sure I only got a fraction of the cash and credit that I could have earned. I invested in Rawporter to help people like me get the recognition they deserve.”

“We’re thrilled to have Janis’ support. He has personally experienced the power of raw news and his media expertise makes him a perfect fit for Rawporter,” said Davis. “His investment is another demonstration of the significant value Rawporter provides the modern media marketplace.”