Windows 9 died even before it was born. Any way the next version of Windows will be called as Windows 10 and after there will incremental updates. I am seeing similarity with Mac OSX versions with the proposed Windows 10 versioning. After Mac OSX 10, it is just 10 and everything is incremental updates and they had wild cat names for some time then have Mavericks, which is the current OSX and the next will be Yosemite, which is OSX 10.10. I am thinking the future Windows versions will be Windows 10.x that just the way Apple laid out their current OSX 10. The only difference between Mac OSX and Windows 10 is OEMs and licensing model. For Mac OSX the OEM bitch is Apple itself, but for Windows we have Apple (yes, you could install and run Windows on Macs) to Lenovo to Dell to Asus to Acer to HP to others. I am assuming the the OEMs will pay predefined royalty (based on type of Windows they are getting) to zero (Bing based Windows and Windows for phones) whenever they sell new PC or they load Office 365 for one year and add that silently to the system price. Also it would be worth watching how they are going to license Windows 10 to businesses. It is definitely going to be interesting.


  1. So far, I’m mostly liking what I see. Maybe I’m just too accepting or adaptive, but I have had no issues with 8 and frankly I didn’t miss the Start Button.

    • Hi Marti
      I too don’t miss Start Button. I am totally accustomed to Start Page for that. I hope Microsoft would provide an option to have Start Page and Charms bar. I am totally used to Charms bar, especially when I am printing from apps, sharing content, and configuring the apps (if they allow) using the charms bar rather than the buttons they provide with scroll down menu on the top or at the bottom.

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