Holy crap do I need one of these, well maybe not ‘need’ but I really want one! When I first read this PR I thought it was just for the iPhone and Galaxy Note but then I visited their site and found it’s for a bunch of phones including my HTC One. The Armorz screen protector is actually glass, tempered glass able to withstand most anything, including hammer and drill and even makeup! The protector is called the Stealth Extreme Lite and it has a price of $34.95 which isn’t bad at all, I’ve seen regular plastic screen protectors that cost that much or close to it. Why have I never heard of these before? I’m a screen protector fanatic I guess, every device I own must have a screen protector on it, and this is why I need one on my devices for sure..


Armorz, a leading manufacturer of mobile technology accessories, unveils the Stealth Extreme Lite tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 5S/5C and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unlike the flimsy, plastic screen protectors flooding the accessory market, the new Stealth Extreme Lite is only 0.2mm thick, boasts unbeatable, shatterproof protection. The Stealth Extreme Lite Tempered Glass Screen Protector is $34.95 U.S. MSRP and is available at www.armorz.com and Amazon.com.

World-class engineers carefully designed the Stealth Extreme Lite with 8H hardness rated processed glass to absorb shock and safeguard your device from heavy-duty scratches and abrasions. Additionally, Armorz has developed a product that does not ignore aesthetics for protection. While the entire surface of the Stealth Extreme Lite is transparent, the underside is covered with strong silicon adhesive for easy installation without bubbling or lifting. The oleophobic coating prevents oil, fingerprints and smudges, making it very easy to clean.


The Stealth Extreme Lite Tempered Glass Screen Protector is $34.95 U.S. MSRP and is available at www.armorz.com and Amazon.com


  1. Hmm. Seems like another piece of the same glass that sits over the glass that protects your digitizer. Just slap some silicone on the back and your golden. Same shape (maybe slightly smaller), same thickness, fingerprint coating, etc. I assume this can be removed, although we are talking about silicone here.

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