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Ask The Readers: What’s it Worth Now?

So here’s a question for everyone out there. I’ve been going through my stuff and getting rid of a lot of it as I’ve just got way too much. I totally forgot I had my AT&T Tilt, I was keeping as a backup or spare phone just in case of emergency and now it needs to go I think. I not only have the phone but I’ve got a ton of accessories for it as well. So I want to sell the bundle and I want to know what it’s worth at this point in time?


The Tilt itself is in mint condition, it’s had a screen protector and full body skin on it since I got it really. So it’s pretty much new condition. It comes with USB cable and power supply of course and documentation and original box.

With it I have:

1x extra stylus

1x Retractable charging cable

1x Retractable sync cable

1x Krussell leather case with multi-dapt (car mount and belt clip basically)

1x 3 port adapter for audio and USB (USB Audio, 3.5mm audio and regular USB for sync/charge)

1x FM Transmitter with car adapter

1x Hands-free cable with audio music controls and new earbuds

1x hands-free cable with basic functions for volume and answer/end call with new earbuds


So what’s it worth now? Anybody?

I sell al lot of things on forums, and some on Ebay, so I need to know what to ask for the bundle as I don’t want to part it out.

Or should I just keep it still as my emergency phone as it’s just not worth anything?!?