So here’s a question for everyone out there. I’ve been going through my stuff and getting rid of a lot of it as I’ve just got way too much. I totally forgot I had my AT&T Tilt, I was keeping as a backup or spare phone just in case of emergency and now it needs to go I think. I not only have the phone but I’ve got a ton of accessories for it as well. So I want to sell the bundle and I want to know what it’s worth at this point in time?


The Tilt itself is in mint condition, it’s had a screen protector and full body skin on it since I got it really. So it’s pretty much new condition. It comes with USB cable and power supply of course and documentation and original box.

With it I have:

1x extra stylus

1x Retractable charging cable

1x Retractable sync cable

1x Krussell leather case with multi-dapt (car mount and belt clip basically)

1x 3 port adapter for audio and USB (USB Audio, 3.5mm audio and regular USB for sync/charge)

1x FM Transmitter with car adapter

1x Hands-free cable with audio music controls and new earbuds

1x hands-free cable with basic functions for volume and answer/end call with new earbuds


So what’s it worth now? Anybody?

I sell al lot of things on forums, and some on Ebay, so I need to know what to ask for the bundle as I don’t want to part it out.

Or should I just keep it still as my emergency phone as it’s just not worth anything?!?


  1. You can get pretty much nothing for that old Tilt. You may see some listed but they are not receiving a lot for those items. The Tilt has MS old windows mobile OS and since no one supports that platform (not counting the small group on XDA that have not moved on to Android) and you shit out of luck. I got a Tilt 2 that I can’t get $20 bucks for it. Too many phonew with better OS, and less hedaches. Hell…..when that operating system on that phone was at it prime, it still was a piece of crap until you modified the phone and still it was less user freindly to anything out today. The old ios was better than that thing and first Andoid was very comparable but better.

    Give it some time, you will here the same complaints from current WM7 phone users when MS stops supporting that crap.

  2. I’ve been thinking of stripping the Fuze down to a simple OS and letting Junior have it for games and pre-loaded vids…

  3. Sold a Razr last year, with extra battery and a couple cases for $65 on eBay, so don’t give up hope. Also got $190 each for a couple Tilt2s, with accessories, last year after the WP7 launch. List it and see what happens. Bet you get between $50-$100 for it.

  4. My Tilt touch screen became unresponsive and had to be retired to a box in the garage. And remains my only retired smart phone.
    I found WinMo to be difficult for users who are not good with learning how to make things work out of the box. They added shit like launchers and shells that messed it all up and used up resouces making it useless. I recognize it in my co-workers that I have known for more than 10 years that still don’t know the basics of the machines we work with. From day one, I never had a problem with WinMo but it does have a very steep learning curve.
    I enjoyed my Tilt and WinMo 6.x. I still miss WinMo and probably could have stayed with it for a while longer, or atleast till Mango, if At+t had put the HD2 in my hands.( Suckers who bought the Telus version of HD2 for At+t at $830+, what are you getting for your used device?)
    I expect you could post for $150+ for the Tilt, though I wasn’t willing to pay $160 for a used Fuze last year. But I am an informed buyer looking forward to a new device. There must be enthusiasts or uninformed buyers out there.
    Good Luck. Peace

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