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A cautionary tale for Christmas, and help me to be EVIL!

noEvilNoFunLast June, my local independent TV station ran an article on their website about people falling for “Windows Tech Support” scams.  These are the ones where they call you up out of the blue, and say, “Your computer is reporting it has a virus. Please go to such-and-such a website, and we’ll help you clean it up.”  Of course, they’re really infecting your computer and then hit you up for money to “fix” it.

So first, a reminder for the holiday season: Microsoft will NOT call you out of the blue and say you’ve got a problem.  Please, please, please be sure to check out Microsoft’s Safety & Security Center. Forewarned is forearmed.

Now for the evil plan. I just got exactly that kind of call.  They would “call back.”  What, oh dear readers, should I do to yank their chains when next time they call???  C’mon, let’s have some Holiday FUN!